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Why resurfacing your concrete is the best option.
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If you like to save time, money, and resources, then concrete resurfacing is the best option for you. Choosing to resurface a driveway, patio, or anywhere else, will achieve the same concrete results: beauty, strength, and longevity. Ripping out your old concrete and replacing it with a completely new one wastes time and money when all you needed was a resurfacing job. If you have some cracking, chipping, or pealing, just give us a call today.



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    Concrete Resurfacing San Diego, California

    The benefits are unbelievable.

    Concrete resurfacing has many different benefits. When considering whether you should have it done, look below:
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    Overlays, stamping, and exposed aggregate are all options for design when you’re choosing to resurface your concrete floors. There are endless possibilities when choosing how to remodel your concrete and resurfacing offers you a chance to express your individuality while enhancing the concrete you already have in your home or business. This is one of the best options for damaged or cracking concrete because the overlays cover any previous damage that once existed. Replacing your entire driveway is unnecessary and expensive when you’re considering simply redesigning because the option for a new look is available, for much lower costs.
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    Resurfacing your concrete is easy and affordable because the process requires less materials and produces less waste. The manual labor is cut in half; thus, your price is cut as well. Resurfaced concrete is much harder to damage and can withstand daily use, so your maintenance is also reduced significantly and your cost for repairs and maintenance is also decreased. Overall, the affordability of your newly resurfaced concrete comes from it being resistant to everyday wear and tear and its unbelievably low maintenance.
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    Choosing to resurface your concrete, especially commercial resurfacing for those businesses looking to reduce their green footprint, is the best option that has an amazing appealing look. Whenever it is possible, having your concrete resurfaced is hands down the better option when wanting to reduce materials used and waste materials that are being produced. When you choose to have a commercial concrete floor resurfaced you are asking us to remove a small top layer of the current concrete and layer on top of it a thin cement layer that will specially bond with your old concrete, giving it its new look.
    This poured new upper layer is what provides your new smooth and seamless look for your commercial concrete floor. If there are no foundational issues with your concrete, then there is no reason why resurfacing cannot be considered an option. It is an easy and affordable way to redesign your floors while making a positive impact on our planet.
    Outdoor Resurfacing
    Concrete resurfacing your driveway or patio is an easy way to further extend your concrete’s lifespan. When you add an overlay to existing concrete that no longer looks its best, you are creating a durable and resilient surface that can withstand much more impact. Our driveways handle heavy vehicles, weather, and heat, so they must be prepared to handle all of those different factors on a daily basis and still stand firm against them.
    When you choose to resurface your driveway, you are increasing your home curb appeal; meaning, if you ever choose to sell or rent your house, interest will be much higher, and you will be able to raise the price of your home. Concrete resurfacing your driveway will ultimately pay for itself. Another great reason to resurface your concrete is to ensure that there isn’t any overfilling of cracks. It is natural for your concrete driveway to crack and for unwanted weeds to start growing but too much filling of those cracks can lead to problems like pulling out chunks of pavement by vehicle tires. Resurfacing helps prevent any patching problems while still being the most long-term affordable option.
    So how does the end result come to be? We begin by cleaning your old concrete. Cleaning off any debris, dirt, or residual paints that may be left behind. Then it’s time to repair any annoying cracks or broken areas that would otherwise be accentuated with the resurfacing process. Once all of these steps have been taken, it is finally time to add a primer, color, and sealant.
    Curing can take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours, but each case is different and this is something we encourage you to speak with one of our professionals about.
    Resurfacing your concrete opens the door for many new options that many people find eye-opening. Keeping your old concrete does not have to feel oppressive because when it is resurfaced, it will look brand new.