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If your concrete is starting to fade, crack, break, or show signs of discoloration, it is time to consider resurfacing your pool deck. Concrete pool deck resurfacing is a quick, cost-effective, and efficient way to bring your concrete back to looking like it did in its youthful years. We can install a flawless pool deck that resembles your unique wants and needs for all too see. For more information, give us a call.



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    Pool Deck Resurfacing: San Diego, California

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    Did you know that resurfacing your pool deck provides endless possibilities for design? You don’t have to rip out your old concrete to have a new stylish one and we are here to show you why!
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    Beautify Your Deck
    Having your pool deck resurfaced provides boundless options for design, and the best part is, you don’t have to rip out your old concrete to do it. If you are looking for your old concrete to resemble its youthful years, then we have the solution for you: resurface your concrete. If you wish to individualize your swimming pool deck, we offer customizable looks that vary in design and texture.
    Quick, Easy, Affordable
    Instead of having your pool deck completely ripped out, there is an alternative: resurfacing. Having your deck resurfaced takes less than half of the time it would take to completely rip your floors up and replace them. It is easier to have your swimming pool deck resurfaced because it is quick, meaning, we will not interrupt your daily routine and you will be ready to utilize your pool much more quickly than if we ripped it out entirely.
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    Stamped Concrete
    One of the best options when resurfacing your concrete is having stamped concrete installed for your pool deck. Because it is sealed concrete, there is little to no maintenance and there aren’t any cracks where pesky weeds can grow through. Stamped concrete is a much more economical choice compared to other options.
    The benefit of a stamped concrete swimming pool deck is that it looks very natural, so if you’re trying to replicate a stone floor for your pool deck, a resurfaced concrete deck will look like the real thing but for a much more cost-effective solution. Once the design you have in mind has been finished you can rest assured that the color and shine that your pool deck now has will not fade. These floors are designed to handle different types of weather and daily uses without being easily damaged. Another great benefit of having your concrete stamped is that you can keep the old concrete! Adding safety features like temperature regulation and slip-resistant qualities enhances your pool deck’s appeal. For the same results of a newly lain concrete floor, you can keep your old concrete, and still have it appear to be brand new.
    Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost
    The options for concrete resurfacing are unlimited and with incredible combinations, you will be able to design your pool deck to look like whatever you want it to be. Pool deck staining is a unique option that can be completed once your concrete has been resurfaced. Cracks, peeling, and holes must be prepared before staining can occur. A special type of concrete grinding and chemical treatments must take place prior to beginning the pool deck staining process.
    Stained pool decks have amazing color flexibility because of the different color combinations you will have to choose from. Your concrete pool deck will last for decades, and simple treatments and resealing every couple of years will keep your concrete pool deck looking beautiful. Your new stained resurfaced pool deck will be extremely durable to high usage damages, so don’t be afraid to dive in! Because the colors you choose will have penetrated into the concrete, the color will never fade, so relax and enjoy your new concrete pool deck.