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Pool Deck Repair
Your concrete pool deck was once beautiful and clean but now it has cracks that grow every season. You may have stains or even settling that has caused some areas of the concrete to sink. While many of these issues may seem dire and you may worry that you need to replace your pool deck, the truth is most pool decks can be repaired. As one of the leading pool deck repair companies in San Diego, California, we offer reliable pool deck repair for all types of issues such as cracks, settling, and crumbling. As long as your pool deck is structurally sound, we have many options to restore your pool deck’s appearance.



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    Deck Settling and Slab Jacking Service

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    Has your pool deck dropped? When areas of the concrete have sunken but don’t have many cracks, a common form of pool deck repair in San Diego, CA is called slab jacking.
    This is just like it sounds: jacking up the slab to its original position. A dropped pool deck can be caused by a variety of problems like a leak under the slab, settlement, and poor soil compaction. Slab jacking involves pool deck repair contractors raising all or a portion of the sections of your pool deck to the correct elevation.

    Pool Deck Crack Repair

    Make your pooldeck cracks disappear.

    Pool Deck Crack Repair
    Cracks aren’t just an eyesore; they can also cause worsening damage to your pool deck. As cracks get larger, they allow more water to seep in and end up behind your pool’s beam. This can cause shifts in the soil that cause even more extensive damage to your concrete pool deck.
    As a pool owner, it’s important to stay on top of cracks and have them repaired as soon as possible. Cracks in concrete pool decks are common but having the cracks repaired can help reduce the risk of further cracking and more expensive pool deck crack repair. Sometimes cracks can even be a sign of more serious problems like pool movement or soil problems.
    Keep in mind pool deck crack repair will be visible unless your pool deck is resurfaced afterward. Our San Diego, California pool deck repair contractors can recommend a cost-effective solution to give your concrete pool deck a new look, color, and texture.
    While there are many DIY crack repair products on the market, be aware that these are usually more trouble than they are worth. Rigid crack sealers won’t last because they can’t move with the concrete as it contracts and expands. Depending on the size of the crack, we will use epoxy or polyurethane fillers that are flexible enough to move with the concrete and last. Large cracks may need to be backfilled while smaller cracks sometimes need to be enlarged with crack chasing.

    Fading and Discoloration Repair

    Bring the color back to your pooldeck

    If your concrete has been treated in the past with color hardeners, integral pigments, or concrete stains, you may eventually notice discoloration if your concrete hasn’t been sealed every 4 years or so.
    This discoloration can be caused by pool chemicals, sun exposure, and more. Fortunately, discoloration can be corrected and your pool deck’s original color can be fully restored with a new coat of stain. We use UV-resistant stains and quality sealers to give you a beautiful pool deck surface that will remain beautiful for years to come.
    Fading and Discoloration Repair
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    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    Make your pooldeck look new again!

    pool deck repair in San Diego
    Resurfacing is an affordable form of concrete pool deck repair in San Diego. If your concrete has scaling, spalling, and cracking, a concrete overlay or microtopping are both good solutions. Resurfacing your pool deck can cover repairs made to the surface, cover up flaws, and give you brand new texture, color, and style.
    If your concrete only has minor cracks or discoloration, another option is concrete engraving. This technique allows us to cut or engrave patterns into the surface of the concrete and stain the surface. With a routing machine, we cut a pattern that resembles grout lines to make your concrete resemble tile or pavers.
    There When You Need Us To Help you with your pool deck renovations
    Do you have questions for our pool deck repair contractors? Concerned about damage to your pool deck? We are here to help! Here are a few common questions that may address your concerns. Please give us a call with additional questions or to request a free estimate for pool deck repair in San Diego.
    What if my pool deck is too damaged?
    Unfortunately, some concrete pool decks are simply beyond repairs. Replacing a concrete pool deck can be expensive as the old deck will need to be removed with jackhammers before new decking can be installed. The good news is this is rarely necessary as even a pool deck that has sunk a foot can be repaired. We will do everything we can to avoid replacing your pool deck.
    Can you give a free pool deck repair estimate?
    Absolutely. We are happy to schedule an in-person evaluation of your pool deck to determine the extent of the damage and recommend pool deck repair solutions. After exploring your options with you, we will give you a free written estimate for our services.
    Can my pool deck be repaired or does it need to be replaced?
    Pool decks almost never need to be replaced as repairs can address everything from small to large cracks, sunken areas, cracked coping tiles, and “pop ups.” Uneven slabs are addressed with mud jacking or slab jacking that can restore your entire pool deck to the right elevation. Cracks can be treated with epoxy pool deck crack repair and crack chasing. Discolored areas and minor damage can be repaired with microtopping, stains, and engraving. If your pool deck has damage across the entire surface, we will recommend resurfacing rather than repairs because it’s more affordable and it will produce beautiful results.
    No matter what type of damage you have with your pool deck, we have a concrete pool deck repair solution to restore its strength, beauty, texture, and color. Contact us to learn more about your repair options and to get a free assessment of your pool deck.