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Residential, Commercial, and Industrial installation
Epoxy Flooring
epoxy flooring San Diego
Your concrete floors in your home or business are very important first impressions for friends, family, neighbors, and clients. Our experienced team is here to assure you that your floors are in good hands. Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable, affordable, and attractive options for any floor you’re thinking about sprucing up. With us, you receive high-end materials at affordable low-cost prices that guarantee satisfaction.



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    Epoxy Flooring San Diego, California

    What are epoxy flooring benefits?

    Epoxy coatings for concrete floors offer unlimited benefits for design and safety. Below are only some, not all, of the reasons why an epoxy floor should be installed, and also where they can be installed:
    Residential Epoxy Flooring
    Residential Epoxy Flooring
    Is your garage looking like it has seen less car grease? Or is your basement having a moisture issue that is leading to some serious odors? Epoxy floors will eliminate all of those issues for you with their amazing resistant qualities. Once an epoxy floor is professionally installed, your garage floor will become resistant to unavoidable car fluids and oil stains. The epoxy coating on your garage floor will allow you to simply wipe or light mop up spills that in the past would have damaged your floors.
    Basement epoxy floors are some of the most important floors to have professionally installed because of possible structural issues; for example, water-resistant qualities for your basement can help minimize the possibility of water damage. Water damage, if left untreated can spread quickly and begin to impact all aspects of your home. Epoxy basement floor coatings do not allow concrete to absorb water into its pores, keeping your basement healthy. Concrete is naturally very absorbent and will easily allow liquids to penetrate its surface. If that goes unnoticed, your basement will quickly become the home of mold and mildew.
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    For highly used areas you need a floor that can stand up against high foot-traffic, is safe, and looks beautiful in the meantime. Those are a lot of demands to have met but luckily, commercial epoxy floors can surpass those and more. With an epoxy commercial flooring system, you will no longer have to worry about certain spots of your floor wearing quickly because epoxy floors are resistant to wear and tear. This saves you money on repairs and replacements for decades down the line, allowing you to spend more time on your business and less time worrying about your floors. Epoxy floors in a commercial setting can also be installed to be highly slip-resistant, so no more worrying if there’s a hazardous spill somewhere, your floor will give you time to find and wipe it up.
    Retail centers, hotels, showrooms and more love to showcase beautiful epoxy floors because they can be installed to give a space an incredible look of elegance. Commercial epoxy floors are highly sought after not only for their durable qualities but for their unlimited choices in design including patterns, colors, and textures.
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    epoxy floor coating San Diego
    Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    Epoxy industrial flooring is very beneficial in warehouses, factories, packing and chemical plants, and so many more areas. These floors offer a versatility that simply goes unmatched by other floors. Epoxy floors are impact resistant, which is especially important in areas like warehouses and packing plants where heavy machinery is in constant use. These floors can also be installed to be fire-resistant, helping to ensure the safety of your employees. In addition, due to their incredible glass-like shine, epoxy floors in industrial settings greatly help increase visibility. Epoxy floors reflect the lighting in a factory or warehouse and help improve the brightness of any area.
    Many factories or food plants must adhere to strict health codes that require floors to be abnormally clean. Luckily with epoxy floors sanitation is never an issue because the epoxy coating isolates debris and spills making cleanup quick and simple.
    metallic epoxy floor coating
    Metallic Epoxy
    Decorative epoxies are the hottest trend for home and business owners alike because of the unique style and fresh gracefulness that epoxy naturally offers. Don’t be fooled by a metallic epoxy floor’s beauty, these floors are just as resilient and long-lasting as any other epoxy installed floor.
    Metallic epoxy installers can create your floors to illustrate 3D images like clouds, rocks, water ripples, and more. These floors require a professional installer with not only a license but experience with creation.
    Metallic epoxy floors are popular in living spaces, shops, hotels, lobbies, show rooms, business buildings, and more. One amazing trait is that your metallic epoxy floor is individually yours. It can never be redone, even if requested by the same contractor. Your floors will truly individualize your property from anyone else.
    Maintenance, Affordability, and Longevity
    Epoxy floors are long lasting floors that will be with you for decades down the road, if professionally installed. With such low maintenance, your budget will grow over time because epoxy floors are resistant to any and all types of daily damages.
    Epoxy floors can be installed to mimic other types of floors like wood, marble, or tile, allowing you to gain all of the benefits of a concrete floor and none of the drawbacks from other materials; meaning, concrete epoxy floors are durable and resistant to all that life has to throw at them, but other floors are not. Simple sweeping and light mopping are all your floors will need even if they resemble beautiful wood or elegant marble. Due to the low maintenance and resistant qualities, epoxy floors are insanely budget friendly and will last for many years even if they are heavily used.