How to Know If Your Pool Deck Can Be Repaired or If it Needs to Be Resurfaced.

There are many signs that can lead you to think you either need a simple repair or a completely new work done. Sometimes, the signs your pool deck exhibits look alike, so it can be hard to determine what is needed to fix the problem. One thing is for sure, never ignore an issue or possible issue when it starts because doing so can lead to very expensive consequences. We are going to discuss and dissect some key moments where simple repairs are no longer enough for your concrete pool deck.

So, when should you simply have your pool deck repaired? Concrete, as weather changes, shrinks and expands. When the soil under your concrete freezes your concrete expands and when it heats your concrete shrinks; eventually, with the constant freeze-thaw cycle, concrete tends to develop small surface cracks that are more of a sore for the eye than a structural issue, also some divots may appear as well. All of these minor issues can be quickly fixed with simple crack fillers and patches, however, if the cracks are not only long but deep, there could be long-term issues. The problem with temporary fixes to larger issues is that it will cost you more money to fix the problem. First spending money on minor maintenance, then quickly having to repair the issue as its progressively becomes worse, and finally redoing the area altogether. The age of your pool deck matters greatly, especially if you are doing constant repairs on your surface, it may be time to resurface your pool deck.

Resurfacing your concrete pool deck is the most affordable option, but even more importantly, it is one of the easiest ways to repair any damages that were previously relevant. Cracks are common and don’t always mean that your pool deck needs to be resurfaced, it is important to contact a professional in these situations. When cracks are problematic, they are wide and deep, these are the ones that allow water to run through your concretes surface, and they also continue to grow larger. This is a common reason to make sure your pool deck is resurfaced because erosion begins to take place. Erosion due to cracks leads to even bigger issues, here the possibility of cracks turning into large holes is made very possible. Lastly, the age of your concrete pool deck is very important in terms of resurfacing or quick fixes. If you’re concrete has been down for 20 or so years, it may be time to look beyond quick repairs. Discoloration is one of those damages that can raise red flags signaling it is time to do more than a simple repair.

Resurfacing a concrete pool deck strengthens the integrity of the surface. It is important to learn subtle differences between a repair need and a resurfacing need. Hiring a professional will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in deep structural damages.