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Pool Deck Pavers
Dare you tired of your boring or worn-out concrete pool deck? Do you love the classic look of a paver pool deck? The good news is you don’t need to settle for living with your concrete deck or spending tens of thousands to replace the concrete decking. We can install pavers over existing concrete pool decks in San Diego to completely transform your poolscape and give you a beautiful, high-end look without the high cost. Pool deck paver installation in San Diego, California is an easy way to renovate an existing pool deck with unlimited options in terms of color and style.


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Pavers On Concrete Pool Decks in San Diego, CA

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You don’t need to just accept a boring gray or aging concrete pool deck. We offer reliable and cost-effective pool deck paver installation in San Diego over your existing concrete decking. We use pavers with a thinner profile over your existing pool deck to completely resurface your decking. Once we are done, your concrete paver pool deck will look like a traditionally laid paver surface.
We install pavers over existing concrete pool decks by first cleaning the concrete surface and allowing it to dry. The border pavers for your new pool deck will be glued down using special adhesive or mortar before a 1″ layer of sand is added to the surface area. This helps water drain off the slab and away from the paver surface. Pavers will be installed over the sand and polymeric sand will be swept into the joints. This locks your interior pavers in place without securing them to the surface. Because the pavers are not glued to the concrete slab, they have a good amount of flexibility to move with changes in the concrete substrate without cracking.

Benefits of Pool Deck Pavers

Great Looking and affordable!

Beautiful Pavers
One of the biggest reasons San Diego homeowners choose pavers is their flexibility in design and overlay options. Pavers come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and textures to get just the right look you want.
Whether you want a natural-looking pool deck that blends in with your landscaping, a tailored look to coordinate with your architecture, or an intricate pattern, pavers can deliver what you’re looking for.
Pavers are also great for coordinating with other hardscape elements of your design like retaining walls, steps, and garden walls.Pavers are a great choice for poolscapes with limitless design options, durability, and safety.
Pavers are one of the most durable materials you can choose for your pool deck. They won’t fade and splinter like wood, crack like slab concrete, or fade over time. They can even withstand deterioration due to salt, pool chemicals, traffic, and UV exposure. Pool deck pavers in San Diego, California also deliver a safe, slip-resistant surface even when wet.
If you have an existing concrete pool deck, we can use thinner profile pavers to install a beautiful paver overlay. This restores life to your aging pool deck and allows you to completely transform your backyard. Installing pool deck pavers over concrete is also a cost-effective solution to get the high-end look of pavers without replacing your concrete.

Unlimited Design Options

Create the perfect look you want

Common paver patterns we can install for your new pool deck include:
  • Herringbone
  • Basketweave
  • Running bond
  • Diamond tile
  • Ashlar slate with random rectangles and squares
  • Fish scale with random sized pavers in a fan pattern
  • Flagstone with irregular-shaped stones
  • Pinwheel
  • Cobblestone
Unlimited Design Options
You can even mix and match patterns and colors to add decorative medallions, borders, and other accents.
How do you envision your new concrete paver pool deck? Do you love the luxurious appearance of travertine pavers? What about cobblestone? We can use pool deck stone pavers to deliver a beautiful stone pool deck over your existing concrete. Do you love the traditional look of brick? A brick paver overlay is a popular choice in Southern California with a timeless look that will always be in style. What about the pattern and color? With concrete pavers, you can choose from a wide array of shades, including options that look like brick and stone at a fraction of the cost. There are also many ways to lay pavers to get a completely custom look.
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Do you have questions for us about installing pool deck pavers over concrete? Curious if your concrete pool deck is a good candidate? Get answers to some frequently asked questions here and give us a call with additional concerns!
Should I seal my pool deck pavers?
Sealers can make your pavers even more resistant to mildew, stains, and UV damage. This can reduce fading and help your pavers retain their beautiful and vibrant color for longer. Still, sealing your pavers does add maintenance to a typically low-maintenance system. Sealers can also make your pool deck more slippery. Our pool deck paver installation experts can recommend or apply a quality sealer based on your goals for your pool deck without compromising the safe anti-slip texture of your pavers.
What benefits will I get by using interlocking pavers?
Interlocking swimming pool deck pavers in San Diego, California are popular for many reasons. Interlocking pavers offer a high-end look with aesthetics that are hard to beat. You can also customize the color, texture, and pattern of your pavers to get any look you want from a simple running bond to a beautiful herringbone pool deck. Pavers aren’t just beautiful; they’re also easy to maintain, easy to repair, and incredibly durable. Their non-slip surface also improves safety around your pool deck.
Can you install pavers over existing concrete pool decks?
Yes, we specialize in resurfacing concrete pool decks with solutions like pavers over concrete. Pavers on concrete pool decks look just like traditionally installed pavers to give your concrete decking a much-needed facelift. You will enjoy all of the same benefits as regular pavers, including easy maintenance, dramatic aesthetics, easy repairs in the future, and a long-lasting pool deck surface.
To be a good candidate for a paver overlay, your existing concrete pool deck should be structurally sound and in good shape. This means no large cracks, no sunken areas, and a smooth surface. If your concrete has issues, we offer concrete pool deck repair like slab jacking and crack repair that can prepare the surface for pavers. You will also need enough clearance to add the layer of pavers over the concrete without leaving a tripping hazard or blocking doorways.