Tip and Tricks for Proper Pool Deck Maintenance

Maintaining your pool deck is just as important as maintaining any other concrete surface you own like a: garage, walkway, patio, garage, and so on. Keeping a strong regime of maintenance for your pool deck can keep it around for decades and luckily, concrete pool decks do not require an abundance of maintenance when they have been installed by a professional. Your pool deck is exposed to constant UV rays, chemicals, pool water, sediment, and weather patterns on a daily basis, so it is important to tend to it. A healthy and safe pool deck adds value to the beauty of your backyard landscape so we are going to discuss some easy and general ways to care for a pool deck; however, if your pool deck requires any repairs or resurfacing, you should hire a professional.

One of the more obvious ways to elongate your pool decks surface is to keep it clean, meaning, pressure washing your pool deck regularly is a good thing. On any given day your deck is exposed to dirt, mud, debris, and more elements that can cause some sanitary issues. If the area is constantly damp with damaging substances, mild and algae will soon begin to grow, so pressure washing is an effective way to ensure this does not become a long-term issue.

Sealants are important for all concrete surfaces, but even more so for a surface that is constantly exposed to moisture, chemicals, and sediments that are damaging to your surface. Due to the fact that your concrete pool deck is under constant exposure to environmental and man-made elements, it needs more protection. Concrete alone is very absorbent and will allow substances to permeate through its pores and destroy it from the inside out, therefore, a sealant is crucial to avoid any damages or stains.

Maintaining an inspection routine for your concrete pool deck is also very important to avoid any small damages turning into bigger ones. Cracks, for example, they are easy to fix but if left unfilled, they become much larger issues. A crack that is left to grow can cause major foundational issues for your concrete pool deck and could eventually lead to erosion, which would turn an easy fill into a full-on resurfacing project. Keeping a constant eye on your concrete can also help avoid any major safety hazards, like sunken concrete. This is something that is out of your control, if it does happen, so you must be aware of the concretes surface on a regular basis.

Avoid using harsh acidic cleaners because they can eat away, if they are not washed off properly, at your concrete sealant. This would not be an issue you would notice right away but it would leave your concrete extremely vulnerable to damages.

It is important to maintain even a resistant surface to ensure that its strength carries on through the years. Nothing lasts without some type of maintenance, but you will not regret keeping up with your concrete pool deck. When properly cared for, it can last over 20 years, adding more value to your home than you ever thought possible.